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Furniture & Lifestyle

Furniture & Lifestyle

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Keittiöpyyhesetti ekopuuvillasta


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Tuotteen kuvaus

Väri: beige
Materiaali: 80% kierrätetty puuvilla 20 kierrätetty polyester
Koko: 50×70
Pyyhkeitä on paketissa kaksi kappaletta
Pesu 40 asteessa.

Two tea towels in a stylish design that fit just as well in a country kitchen as in a modern apartment in the city. Wide stripes alternate with narrower stripes in the classic and timeless pattern. The durable material makes the tea towel practical, while the design makes it a beautiful detail in the kitchen. Our tea towels from Recycled by Wille
are made from 99 percent recycled textile, with the aim of having as little negative environmental impact as possible. To produce a kitchen towel, we have used fabric waste from the production of around 35 t-shirts. In this way, you can make your home beautiful, while protecting both people and the environment. The towel is sold in a practical two-pack.




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